Contributor Patronage Program Cash

Contributor Patronage Program

PC Inquisitor uses Google Adsense, and we’re pleased to offer 100% payout to contributors whose pieces garner more than $5 per article in monthly ad revenue. The same contribution rules apply: The work must be your own, original content. You retain publishing rights, so you can re-use your photos or blocks of content at other sites. We’re using the art gallery model to display your work, so that ad revenue will be redirected to you as patronage. The $5 minimum is set so that we don’t have to make a high number of small-value transactions, as we expect to eventually have dozens of articles producing only a few cents a month in revenue.

Why Publish Here?

PC Inquisitor receives only a single copy of your work, which means that you have perpetual rights to do whatever you’d like with it. As mentioned in our contribution rules, we merely ask for 30 days exclusivity before you use that content elsewhere.

Those who publish at PC Inquisitor are free to promote their own content in order to achieve maximum traffic and a higher payout, but must understand that Google penalizes false traffic by refusing to serve ads to those pages. That should be a strong warning against clicking your own ads (unless you really plan to buy something).

How Do I Get Paid?

PC Inquisitor is configured only for PayPal payments. Please make sure that your registration email is configured to receive them. If you’ve used a different email to register, please edit that information.

How Do I Know That My Work Has Been Accepted?

If you see your work published, it has been accepted. Work of insufficient quality will be ignored and may be deleted, and we’ll send a message regarding improvements to work of mixed quality to your registration email.

What Happens If This Program Ends?

If for any reason we’re forced to end this program, we’ll publish a notice on this page 30 days prior to payment cessation and quit accepting works. Alternatively, if we have too many contributors we’ll continue working with existing creators but demote new registrations to “subscriber” and post a notice at the top of this page.

How Do I Register?

Anyone who leaves a comment at the end of an article goes through registration automatically.

What If I Need Further Policy Clarification?

Any clarifications will be added above this question as required, or to our contribution rules if required there.