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Are you highly experienced in PC hardware and reasonably good at writing? Do your opinions not always align with the majority of tech sites? PC Inquisitor has a place to show off your work. Your credentials must be verifiable, and all contributions will be checked for accuracy and clarity before being published.

Internal PC component example

Why contribute here?

PC Inquisitor has several attributes that could make it a better place to show off your work:

  • You retain copyright to your own work, apart from the single copy you’re licensing to this site. This means that you can re-publish elsewhere later at any site that doesn’t require exclusivity that would violate our single copy license. This could be particularly useful to anyone who reuses their own images. We only ask that you wait a month before republishing, because doing so earlier affects our SEO statistics.
  • You can use our site to promote your channel. This could be particularly useful to those who use video as a primary medium but want a static post to display charts and diagrams. We suggest that you limit your links to two per page, as we reserve the right to remove excessive links.
  • You can (re)establish your press credentials. In addition to having links at a technology website rather than a generic blog site, you can request special recognition after establishing yourself as a frequent contributor (at least one contribution per month for three months).

What to contribute?

  • News: Did you find something interesting that will impact the Performance Computing market? Feel free to share!
  • Product Reviews: Want to brag about your latest purchase? If you can quantify it (via comparison), we want to see it!
  • How To / Tutorials: Everybody needs a little guidance at some point. From case modification to component selection, if you’re willing to help so are we!
  • Expert Opinion: Is someone re-introducing a concept as new? Double-listing a single feature? Let people know about your concerns!

Note: All content must be your own, original content, except where permitted by open source licensing or fair use.

How to contribute?

Currently, everyone who creates a login is granted “contributor status”. We’ll check new posts regularly and approve, remove, or send responses regarding each one we see. Logging in will take you to WP Admin, where you can use the “Posts” dialog or click “Post” from the “New” dropdown menu. We suggest writing your post in a word processing app, using markers that you understand to designate photo locations, pasting the completed text into a new post, and dragging images into the places you’ve marked for them.

Can I become a paid contributor?

PC Inquisitor does not yet have the budget to buy content, so we suggest contributing only content for which there is a benefit to both you (reputational) and the reader (educational). If or when that changes, we intend to use a pure revenue sharing model.

We reserve the right to reject any content that does not meet our quality standards.

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