Kingston Announces Fury Renegade & Renegade RGB At DDR5-6400 C32

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Kingston is finally getting back on top of the performance market with its Fury DDR5 reaching the low-latency 10ns at 32 cycles, via a data rate of 6400 MT/s for the top parts. Announced at a single capacity as 16GB x1 modules and 16GB x2 (32GB) kits, Kingston will also be offering DDR5-6000 parts at the same C32…probably for those who can’t quite afford the DDR5-6400 parts.

While the firm has yet to announced a price, we’re at least given the voltage spec for the DDR5-6000 at 1.35V and the DDR5-6400 at 1.40V. If you’re ready to start Googling part numbers, those would be:

Kingston Fury Renegade DDR5
Type 16GB DIMM 32GB Kit Timings
DDR5-6400 RGB KF564C32RSA-16 KF564C32RSAK2-32 32-39-39
DDR5-6000 RGB KF560C32RSA-16 KF560C32RSAK2-32 32-38-38
DDR5-6400 non-RGB KF564C32RS-16 KF564C32RSK2-32 32-39-39
DDR5-6000 non-RGB KF560C32RS-16 KF560C32RSK2-32 32-38-38

Yep, that means they’re also offering non-RGB parts, which we’re hoping will be a bit cheaper than the RGB parts, but the funny thing about the missing prices is that they also come with a missing delivery date. We’re following up with Kingston to fill in those missing details.

Until we get those details, here’s a teaser regarding the Fury Ctrl 3 software for individual control of all sixteen RGB LEDs on the lighted version of the memory.

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