Lian Li Announces A4-H2O Mini Desktop Case

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In a design that compact case forums have been sharing for month, Lian Li made the completely expected announcement of its A4-H2O today.

With a height x width x depth of only 244, 140, and 326mm, Lian Li rates this Dan Cases designed box at 11 liters of internal volume. Much of its configuration relies on a riser cable that mounts the graphics card behind a mini ITX motherboard.

That means the motherboard mounts down the center of this unit, leaving enough space for an SATA SSD below and 2x120mm radiator above. Total radiator space thickness is 55mm, which is perfect for installing a 28mm-thick radiator above 25mm-thick fans.

The area in front of the graphics card is wide open, and designer Dan’s Cases even left enough room for card with triple-slot cooling to be installed. Snap-off aluminum plate exterior panels leave 322mm of the case’s 326mm overall length for graphics cards.

Pricing depends on buyers to select either a PCIe 3.0 or 4.0 riser cable, with the former case and cable combo priced at $130 and the later at $165. Buyers outside the US get a $10 discount…but will likely pay more than that in VAT.

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