Sabrent Adds DDR5 Discount To Kill Overclocking Competition

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Looking to get the best deal on some of our verified-best DDR5? An exact match for our Patriot DDR5-6200 kit in overclocking and latency tuning, price was the one thing that held back our recommendation of Sabrent’s DDR5 kit until to today:

You see, the competing Patriot kit came with a guaranteed overclock (via XMP), while the manual overclocking required to get there on Sabrent’s DDR5-4800 kits had no such guarantee. The slight chance of not coming out even when buying Sabrent’s kit meant that it would need a lower price to match the added value of the competing kit’s higher XMP.

Sabrent fixed that with a temporary discount of up to 33%. Sabrent advises to look for the “Coupon” box and check that to receive the new discounted sale price when following these Amazon links:


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