TeamGroup’s New T-Force Siren DUO360 ARGB AIO Combines CPU & SSD Liquid Cooling

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TeamGroup today announced the release of its T-Force Siren DUO360 ARGB for CPUs and M.2 SSDs, and unlike previous combo loops, this one probably makes sense. A look at TeamGroup’s example layout shows why:

Two-device closed loop coolers have been around a long time, but the reason our editors have never installed any of those (even the free ones that arrived unrequested while working at other sites) is that our editorial experience with “universal” GPU coolers has been universally terrible. The difference here couldn’t be any more obvious: The form factor used in most desktop builds, M.2 2280 drives don’t have the unique design differences presented in something as complex as a graphics card. They’re not even supposed to come with factory-mounted heat sinks, though some do.

It’s because most drives are plain and most current retail motherboards have a place for one directly beneath the CPU socket that TeamGroup presents the first combo that we’ve seen make sense. One that is showing up just in time for PCIe 5.0 drives as the world has already experience the terrible heat problem that is PCIe 4.0 transfer mode.

ProductSpecificationsRecommended Retail Price (USD)Expected Release
T-FORCE SIREN DUO360 ARGB CPU & SSD AIO Liquid CoolerWhite399.99November, 2022

Based on TeamGroup’s pump-in-radiator design, the two greatest difficulties we find in its announcement is that the product apparently needs a couple weeks to ship, and that it cost $400. We’re accustomed to AIOs with 3x120mm radiators costing less than half that, and can’t imagine paying twice the price to add an M.2 drive water block. We can always hope that TeamGroup adjusts its target within those coming weeks though, since this is the first tandem closed loop that we’d consider actually installing.

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