Thermaltake ToughRAM XG RGB D5 2x16GB (32GB) DDR5-5600 C36 Review

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It wasn’t so long ago that another “non-memory company” tried to impress us with a superbly overclockable yet extremely expensive kit that left us with two problems: Its capability was merely a match for a previously awarded DDR5-6200 kit, and it didn’t even come with the same high XMP. After spending a few weeks jockeying for any pricing advantage over the better-equipped XMP kit, the overclockable 4800 ended up offering us no compelling reason to switch. We might have been a little jaded when Thermaltake showed up with a similar smirk on its face.

ToughRAM XG RGB D5 DDR5-5600 C36, part number RG33D516GX2-5600C36B
Capacity 32 GB (2x 16GB) Voltage 1.25 Volts
Data Rate DDR5-5600 (XMP) Height 43.3mm
Primary Timings 36-36-36-76 (2T) Warranty Lifetime

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ToughRAM XG RGB D5 comes with RGB-enabled heat spreaders that push its height to 43.3mm which, like the previous-mentioned DDR5-6200 kit, might interfere with the installation of tall CPU coolers or…depending on the case…top panel radiators. Those who find themselves in the clear many also find remarkable style. Or not. We won’t tell you what to like.

While the latest ToughRAM at least comes with a DDR5-5600 XMP, that’s hardly a high mark in an industry filled with 6000 to 7200 Mt/s data rates. Like most DDR5, it defaults to 4800 CAS 40 and flips to its rated configuration simply by enabling the XMP setting in motherboard firmware.

Compatible with the TT RGB Plus Ecosystem, Thermaltake also offers NeonMaker control for ToughRAM XG RGB D5 lighting. We stuck with basic motherboard control.

Test Configuration

Our basic motherboard test platform holds ASRock’s Z690 Taichi through every XMP-compatible DDR5 memory evaluation to date.

Test Hardware
CPU Intel Core i9-12900KF: 16C/24T, 3.2-5.2 GHz, 30 MB L3 Cache, LGA 1700
CPU Cooler Alphacool Eisblock XPX CPU, VPP655 with Eisbecher D5 150mm, NexXxoS UT60 X-Flow
Motherboard ASRock Z690 Taichi LGA 1700
Graphics Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 Gaming OC 8G: 1410-1725 MHz GPU, GDDR6
Power be quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 850W: ATX12V v2.3, EPS12V, 80 PLUS Platinum
Hard Drive TOSHIBA OCZ RD400 256GB NVMe 1.1b SSD
Sound Integrated HD Audio
Network Integrated Wi-Fi
Graphics Driver GeForce 496.49

Overclocking & Latency Tuning

We tried overclocking every kit at settings up to 1.35V CAS 42, and found that the ToughRAM XG RGB D5 leading Patriot’s Viper Venon and Sabrent’s Rocket as the most overclockable. All three are equipped with the legendarily overclockable Hynix ICs, but we’ve heard that the latest batch has a little more headroom which could explain the ToughRAM’s noteworthy win.

Next we tried pushing down to the lowest stable latency settings at three popular data rates, since lower latency means quicker transactions. ToughRAM exceeded its Hynix siblings from Patriot and Sabrent by two cycles CAS while stuck with the same tRCD and tRP.

Lowest Stable Timings
  DDR5-6400 DDR5-5600 DDR5-4800
DDR5-5600 C36
36-38-38-76 (2T) 31-33-33-66 (2T) 26-28-28-56 (2T)
Patriot Viper Venom
RGB DDR5-6200 C40
38-38-38-76 (2T) 33-33-33-66 (2T) 29-29-29-58 (2T)
G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB
DDR5-6000 C36
X 31-31-31-62 (2T) 28-28-28-56 (2T)
Dominator Platinum
RGB DDR5-5600 C36
X 34-34-34-68 (2T) 28-28-28-56 (2T)
Adata XPG Lancer
DDR5-5200 C38
X X 36-36-36-72 (2T)
Sabrent Rocket
DDR5-4800 C40
SB-DR5U-16G (x2)
38-38-38-76 (2T) 33-33-33-66 (2T) 29-29-29-58 (2T)

Benchmark Results

Sandra shows the ToughRAM XG RGB D5 performing identically to the same-speed Dominator Platinum when stuck with its relatively mild DDR5-5600 XMP. Overclocking puts it on par with the Sabrent Rocket’s O/C, yet the Viper Venom still edged it out at minimum latency.

The overclocked ToughRAM looks even stronger in AIDA64 banwidth, yet the Sabrent Rocket is a bit quicker when bother are latency optimized.

3DMark shows the overlocked ToughRAM wedging itself between Patriot Venom and Sabrent Rocket results, while F1 2021 shows it leading both of those kits by a small margin when all three are tuned for maximum performance. We compare these three kits repeatedly because of the similar hardware and capabilities.

Sabrent Rocket edges out the other two Hynix kits in overclocked 7.Zip performance. Those who stick to XMP will prefer the Viper Venom instead.

Handbrake gives ToughRAM a brake from the domination Sabrent Rocket shows in Corona Benchmark.

While our timed benchmarks show a 10% gain for overclocking, there’s too little difference between modules that reached at least DDR4-6200 for it to bump our Timed Baseline Average chart.

At $290, we doubt anyone will be buying Thermaltake’s ToughRAM DDR5-5600 for value: Viper Venom RGB DDR5-6200 is over 15% cheaper, has a far better XMP, and is closely matched to the ToughRAM kit in overclocked performance. Meanwhile, those searching for a DDR5-5600 kit to use at a CAS 36 XMP could likewise save at least 15% with Dominator Platinum RGB. Rather than its off-label capabilities, non-tuners are instead likely to consider the ToughRAM for its integration with Thermaltake’s RGB control suites.

ToughRAM XG RGB D5 DDR5-5600 C36
Pros Cons
  • Highest O/C we’ve yet found
  • Extremely tunable for latency
  • Pricier than typical DDR5-5600
  • Mid-tier DDR5-5600 XMP
The Verdict
ToughRAM XG RGB D5 automatically earns an award for overclocking superiority, but those who stick to its mediocre XMP will be disappointed by its price.

Meanwhile, tuners who simply must have the best components at any cost will be glad that the superior overclockability of ToughRAM XG RGB D5 comes at only a 15% to 18% price penalty.

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