AMD Announces Zen 4 Pricing

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We feel like AMD’s spent the last few months replaying the greatest hits from its May announcement, but a few new tidbits have been tucked into its long drab speeches about previously-discussed advancements that will eventually be tucked into its September AM5 platform launch:

Putting aside blanket statements such as “up to 62% better performance” and “up to 47% greater performance per watt”, a narrow view of its Ryzen 5 7600X claims to Core i9 12900K gaming fame would need only be true across most games for it to knock Intel out of a large chunk of the performance PC market, given the significant price difference.

Other tidbits include a focus on AVX-512, which seems oddly timed since Intel just abandoned it, and EXPO, which replaces AMD Memory Profiles (AMP) as a way to get memory companies to program timings to match its CPUs. Should AMD’s desktop volume push succeed, the piggyback success of EXPO might even put EXPO on similar footing to Intel’s XMP.

Click here to see the full 33 minute video.

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