DDR5 Prices Drop Ahead Of AMD AM5 Launch

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A forecast from Digitimes gives rise to expectations of rapidly shrinking DDR5-4800 C40 prices, with consumer prices dipping below supplier price having already been observed. DDR5 IC prices declined 20% overall through the month of July.

Those numbers apply entirely to DDR5-4800 however, as the industry is shifting towards faster modules: AMD will be launching its new AM5 platform at DDR5-6400 later this month, and Intel is shooting for DDR5-6800 XMP support in its next LGA-1700 generation (motherboards with the Z790 chipset).

Though recent pricing has already pushed 2x16GB kits of DDR5-4800 to $150, DDR5-6400 C32 remains 3x as costly as DDR4-3200 C16 at the same capacity, and we’re keen on the idea of prices between these two normalizing in reference to frequency.

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