Micron Delivers Crucial DDR5-4800

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We’ve all seen the “available immediately” type press releases, but Micron put its money where it’s PR is by having a kit delivered to our door at the same time as its worldwide public announcement. Our P/N CT2K16G48C40U5 sample kit contains two 16GB, single-rank DDR5-4800 modules with JEDEC-standard 40-39-39 timings.

Crucial’s P/N CT2K16G48C40U5 comes packaged blank-side up.

The packaging of our kit is a little worse for wear, as it survived shipping using nothing more than a padded envelope. Retailers are more likely to use thin boxes.

Around back we begin to see what makes up each DIMM: Unlike DDR4, a DDR5 rank is split into two 32-bit channels that result in the same 64-bits of width. While this is a known aspect of DDR5 design, we’re still a bit surprised to see so much space between these two groups of DRAM ICs.

Each module contains eight of Micron’s D8BNJ DRAM ICs. That these are the same parts teased by Galax for its upcoming Overlocking DDR5 parts gives us some hope for this memory’s upcoming review.

A new DDR5 standard, on-module voltage regulation appears to be the main reason for the big space between IC. Your eyes might be better than ours, but the controller appears to read P8911YD 2001GR 2130KP. Happy hunting!

Update: For more details, please click here to see our full review.

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