Intel Announces “Alder Lake” 12th Gen Core CPUs

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While the world waits until November 4th for performance data, Intel got ahead of the news by announcing its 12th-Gen Core processors:

Processor NumberProcessor Cores (P+E)Processor ThreadsIntel® Smart Cache (L3)Total L2 CacheProcessor Turbo Frequency Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 Frequency (GHz) Processor Turbo Frequency P-core Max Turbo Frequency (GHz)Processor Turbo Frequency E-core Max Turbo Frequency (GHz)Processor Base Frequency P-core Base Frequency (GHz)Processor Base Frequency E-core Base Frequency (GHz)UnlockedProcessor GraphicsTotal CPU PCIe LanesMax Memory SpeedMemory ChannelsMaximum Memory CapacityProcessor Base Power (W)Maximum Turbo Power (W)
i9-12900K16(8P + 8E)2430MB14MBUp to5.2Up to5.1Up to3.93.22.4YesIntel® UHDGraphics 77020DDR5 4800 MT/sDDR4 3200 MT/s2128GB125241
i9-12900KF16(8P + 8E)2430MB14MBUp to5.2Up to5.1Up to3.93.22.4Yesn/a20DDR5 4800 MT/sDDR4 3200 MT/s2128GB125241
i7-12700K12(8P + 4E)2025MB12MBUp to5.0Up to4.9Up to3.83.62.7YesIntel® UHDGraphics 77020DDR5 4800 MT/sDDR4 3200 MT/s2128GB125190
i7-12700KF12(8P + 4E)2025MB12MBUp to5.0Up to4.9Up to3.83.62.7Yesn/a20DDR5 4800 MT/sDDR4 3200 MT/s2128GB125190
i5-12600K10(6P + 4E)1620MB9.5MBn/aUp to4.9Up to3.63.72.8YesIntel® UHDGraphics 77020DDR5 4800 MT/sDDR4 3200 MT/s2128GB125150
i5-12600KF10(6P + 4E)1620MB9.5MBn/aUp to4.9Up to3.63.72.8Yesn/a20DDR5 4800 MT/sDDR4 3200 MT/s2128GB125150

Headlined the the Core i9-12900K’s mix of eight “performance” and eight “efficiency” cores at clocks up to 5.2 GHz, the new desktop processor series fits the LGA-1700 platforms we outlined last spring. That means it supports both DDR4 and DDR5 memory, PCIe 4 and PCIe 5 graphics cards, and will even be ready for PCIe 5 storage when it becomes available, thanks to the high-end platform’s ability to split the CPU’s sixteen faster lanes across up to three devices.

For further details, please see Intel’s Full Release.

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