Phison Launches “Pascari” Enterprise Storage Brand

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Who is Pascari? We know Pascal from physics, but the identity of Pascari was our first question when viewing Phison’s storage announcement. Is he a Moldovan politician? A phone case designer? Per Phison, Pascari is the formula for entering the drive market while still claiming not to be competing directly with its drive controller customers.

Perhaps it was just “consumer drives” that Phison decided not to compete against? A quick view of its Pascari lineup does show a few enterprise drives that would be compatible with our desktop SATA and PCIe 4.0 M.2 PCIe parts, but both of those have been scaled back to PCIe 4.0 so as not to compete directly with drives such as our recently reviewed Crucial T705 Gen5 NVME sample.

As described in its puffy promo, the addition of a Phison-owned drive brand allows the firm to lay claim to every replaceable component in custom-configured, turn-key enterprise storage solutions. With that out of the way, here’s the very lengthy short version of what Phison wants to say:

 SAN JOSE, Calif. – May 15, 2024 – Phison Electronics (8299TT), leader in NAND controllers and NAND storage solutions, today announced the launch of its new Pascari brand, a comprehensive lineup of SSDs tailored for Enterprise and Data Center applications. This strategic move is a response to the exponential growth of AI technologies and the increasing demands for high-performance storage solutions capable of managing extensive data sets and intensive workloads.

The new Pascari brand was unveiled alongside the introduction of the X200 Series SSDs, Phison’s inaugural PCIe Gen5 Enterprise SSDs, designed for applications requiring peak performance, maximum storage capacity and advanced firmware options.

“Introducing the Pascari brand marks a milestone for Phison as we continue to innovate and lead in NAND Flash technology,” said K.S. Pua, CEO of Phison. “Our commitment extends beyond products; with Pascari and our IMAGIN+ design services, we are enabling organizations to custom-build flash storage architectures that precisely fit their performance demands, ensuring accelerated business growth and enhanced value creation.”

Expanding Market Reach and Product Portfolio

The Pascari brand launch also broadens the availability of Phison Enterprise SSDs across industrial, commercial, and retail distribution channels. The comprehensive Pascari SSD portfolio includes:

  • Performance X-Series: U.2 and, E3.S PCIe Dual-Port SSDs with capacities up to 30.72TB, combining top-tier performance and energy efficiency.
  • AI-Series: The AI SSDs featured in the world’s first flash-based AI training solution, aiDAPTIV+, offer single-level cell to expand GPU memory, enabling LLM training on a single workstation.
  • Data Center DC-Series: Compact M.2 2280/22110 and E1.S SSDs, ideal for consistent performance and high reliability in data-intensive environments.
  • SATA S-Series: High-capacity 2.5” SATA drives, available up to 15.36TB with host power loss protection capacitors.
  • Boot Drive B-Series: Balanced U.2 and E1.S SSDs for optimal capacity, performance, power efficiency and value in Data Centers.

“Phison’s introduction of Pascari underscores the company’s commitment to fostering rapid advancements in enterprise innovation,” said Jeff Janukowicz, SSD Research Vice President at IDC. “By establishing an enterprise brand for Phison Enterprise SSDs, it enhances customer value by offering storage technologies designed for swift deployment in next-generation data centers, tailored to maximize efficiency. The launch of X200 showcases Phison’s expertise in delivering products that align with the evolving dynamic needs of the market.”

Phison’s X200 SSD: Setting New Industry Standards

Phison’s enterprise-class PCIe Gen5 solution features the unique CoXProcessor CPU architecture. This SSD series is particularly suited for high-performance computing (HPC), AI, hyperscale, and data center applications that demand the highest data throughput.

Key X200 SSD features include:

  • PCIe Gen5x4 Dual/Single Port
  • Form factors: U.2 and E3.S
  • Reliability: 1 and 3 DWPD options
  • Capacities: 1.6TB to 30.72TB
  • Sequential Read 14.8GB/s
  • Sequential Write 8.7GB/s
  • Random Read 3000K IOPS
  • Random Write 900K IOPS
  • Enhanced security and data protection features: Power Loss Protection, TCG OPAL, FIPS 140-3 certifiable

Partnerships and Market Expansion

Distributors such as ASI and Ma Labs will carry the Pascari brand with more partners expected to join in the future.

“ASI is thrilled about Phison’s brand new Pascari launch, and we look forward to joining forces to carry their new Pascari SSD products,” said Kent Tibbils, VP of Marketing ASI. “Our alliance will drive increased availability of Phison’s innovative products and broaden our market presence. Together, we look forward to creating a powerful impact that will meet our customers’ demands.”

“We’re excited to partner with Phison and bring their innovative Pascari SSDs to our customers,” said Michael Ma, CEO of Ma Labs. “This partnership will significantly increase the availability of these next-generation storage solutions and strengthen Phison’s market presence through Ma Labs’ established channels. Our partnership will deliver a powerful impact, meeting the evolving needs of today’s storage landscape.”

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