Raijintek Scylla Pro CA360 CPU Liquid Cooling Kit Review

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Liquid cooling component kits have been around for decades, but most of those have been designed with flexible tubing that made getting started easier. Benefits of flexible tubing include being able to cut the tubes just a little long without worry over whether they’d still fit. On the other hand, the appearance of those assemblies has become quite sloppy in a market where hard line now dominates. By combining a little of the ease of the former with most of the appearance benefits of the later, Raijintek hopes its Scylla Pro will win with both new and experienced buyers.

Each Scylla Pro kit contains an Antila D5 EVO RBW ADD pump/reservoir combo, a three pack EOS 12 ADD PWM fans with 5-port remote ARGB controller/PWM hub and motherboard synchronization cable, a filler bottle, Raijintek’s Forkis Pro RBW CPU water block, two 500ml bottles of RaiAqua-T1 clear coolant, six threaded straight fittings, six non-threaded elbows, a copper radiator and four 500mm PETG hard tubes.

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The straight fittings are designed to fit the G1/4 threaded orifices of the pump, radiator and water block, and the elbows are only designed to join two tubes. Changing the direction that a port faces requires a builder to join an elbow to a straight fitting using a short piece of tubing.

But I don’t even knowyis?

Raijintek’s Forkis Pro RBW CPU water block is the star of the show, with a chambered acrylic top over its finely channeled, nickel-plated copper base. Also available with an unlit black center, its base is so smooth and flat that it looks like a mirror even before removing its anti-scratch protective sticker. While the installed Intel top bracket fits LGAs from 775 to 2011 and the AMD bracket fits AM3 through AM4, the included Intel backplate only has two spacings that cover LGA 115x/1200 and LGA 1700. Raijintek’s stated LGA 775 and 1366 compatibility only apply to builders who already have an M3-threaded backplate from a previous cooler. This RBW version features Raijintek’s four-lead RGB connector (click to enlarge).

Raijintek’s Antila D5 RBW ADD provides the flow, its tempered glass reservoir brilliantly reflecting an ARGB lighting strip lining an anodized aluminum frame atop its namesake D5 pump. Powered by an SATA drive lead, its RGB strip is connected to another of Raijintek’s four-pin RGB connectors (click to enlarge).

Raijintek uses the term “all copper” so often when describing its Calore 360 radiator that we were surprised to find its copper core and tanks supported by an aluminum frame. While the frame never touches water and is a better structural material than copper, the term “all copper” seems a bit overused. The retail boxed unit includes three rubber fan gaskets and #6-32 screws in lengths that cover both fan and non-fan mounting.

The included three pack of EOS 12 RBW ADD fans is retail boxed with its own five-port RGB controller. Powered by an SATA lead, the RGB controller features a remote control, a five-output PWM fan hub, and a breakout cable for motherboard ARGB/PWM headers. Each ZY1202512HL fan includes an RGB throughput so that these can be daisy-chained, but the PWM cables that stand alone.

The RAITUBO-H14 kit includes four 14mm OD PETG 500mm tubes, which is more than most single water block cooling loops require. Then again, the extra length is probably provided to help users who mis-cut a few pieces.

Builders will need all six threaded ports to connect their radiator, water block, and pump at two tubes each. The number of needed elbows will depend on loop layout: Although PETG tubing is known for bending ease, Raijintek chose to include these components to aid first timers who don’t want to learn tube bending just yet.

RaiAqua-T1 is nothing more than a typical water and propylene glycol mix. Raijintek ships these two bottles in retail packaging but without the little bottles of color dye that’s included when these are purchased separately. Unfortunately, the box still tells builders to look for these missing additions.

The RGB and PWM cables of all components connect to the motherboard via a single PWM and single ARGB lead through the RGB/Fan hub. The pump and the hub each have a single SATA power input, and the pump adds a single-wire tachometer lead on a 3-pin fan connector.

Raijintek Scylla Pro CA360
Type Liquid Cooling Component Kit
CPU Support LGA 2011/1700/1200/115x, AM4/3+/3
Height/Width/Depth Radiator: 393mm / 27mm / 120 mm
Base Height X
Offsets None (Centered)
Fan Size Triple 120mm x 25mm
Connectors (1) PWM, (1) 3-pin, (1) ARGB, (2) SATA Power
Weight Varies
Web Price $450
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