Asus Launches ROG Strix LC and TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Graphics

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Coinciding with Nvidia’s greatest-ever RTX 3090 Ti graphics launch are those of marketing partners Asus, Colorful, EVGA, Gainward, Galax, Gigabyte, INNO3D, MSI, Palit, PNY and Zotac. Asus was the first to reach out, and that gives it first-priority coverage!

The TUF Gaming GeForce RTXTM 3090 Ti OC edition increases boost clock (in OC mode) to 1950 MHz, gaining 90 MHz over NVidia’s 1860 MHz reference boost. Key features include a reversed central fan to decrease turbulence when compared to cards that have all the fans spinning in the same direction. All fans are of dual ball bearing construction and blow through a two-component heat sink that cools the memory separately, contributing to the card’s enormous 3.2-slot thickness and 46db noise level at 3600RPM. The TUF Gaming GeForce RTXTM 3090 Ti OC includes Asus’s bulletpoint “TUF” features such as “military grade” capacitors, and is priced $150 above NVidia’s $2000 baseline. A base frequency model is also available without that price premium.

The ROG STRIX LC GeForce RTXTM 3090 Ti OC edition comes in at a slightly more reasonable 2.6-slot thickness and includes a blower fan for its voltage regulator in addition to a so-called 240mm closed loop radiator with 560mm of factory-sealed tubing. Wires that run under the tub sleeves for a cleaner appearance are a key feature of the design, and the cold plate on the card side covers both the GPU and memory. The card even has a pair of extra fan headers that can be used to control a case’s intake fans, while ARGB modes for its included fans is controlled via Asus Aura. Boost clock is increased to 1980 MHz using Asus’s Super Alloy Power II regulator components keeping things stable. List price is $2200.

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