You Can Now Buy 32GB (2x16GB) Of DDR5 For $200

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Hong Kong seller KingBank announced distribution of its Micron and Samsung DDR5-4800 16GB single modules for $100 each, making a 32GB dual-channel pair of these industry-standard DIMMs come in at a mere $200 U.S.D. This follows only four months behind a shortage that pushed the typical 32GB kit well beyond $800, and should make a bunch of earlier buyers even more angry that they chose to pay scalper prices for the then-constrained supply.

KingBank’s image includes a pair of Micron’s P/N MTC8C1084S1UC48BA1 modules, though the seller announced that both Micron and Samsung models are available. Since we couldn’t navigate its page, we suggest hammering the seller’s Facebook profile or email to demand details. All publicity is good publicity, right?

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