Azza Launches Its Latest Designer ATX Case, The Opus 809

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Azza’s latest Unlimited-series ATX case checks all the designer case boxes: It’s unusual but has enough practical features to qualify as a more than just a beautiful mess. Octagonal in overall shape, its layout is best described as a dual chamber design with the corners cut off.

Designed to stand in either horizontal or vertical orientation, the horizontal photo gives us a glimpse at the back of its motherboard tray, running end to end. There’s enough space here to mount up to two 2.5” drives and a 3.5” drive, over which a bracket fits to support up to three 120mm fans, plus a “360mm” radiator, though no maximum radiator thickness is specified. Note the “bottom” power supply mount, which faces opposite its front-panel ports, and the motherboard I/O panel hole, which old-timers might have mistaken for an external drive bay.

The “downward” facing chamber is where things get interesting, as the Opus 809 has no rear slots and instead relies entirely upon an included 30cm PCIe 3.0 extension cable to load a graphics card parallel to the motherboard, facing towards the motherboard’s bottom edge. The design leaves 60mm of clearance for the head of a typical closed-loop cooler, though we’re fairly certain that shorter graphics cards would allow larger devices to be mounted atop the CPU. Azza list maximum graphics card length at 360mm.

The unusual design is certain to make heroes of ordinary builders who’ve mastered the art of cable management, and all this glass and open air has us looking forward to seeing how modders will work out the placement of lighting and hard lines for custom liquid cooling configurations.

The Opus 809 is available today.

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