GeIL Announces DDR5-7200 C36 Desktop DIMMs

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Golden Emperor International Limited (GeIL Memory) has announced that its first performance DDR5 memory will be configured at up to DDR5-7200 CAS 36, though standard parts will be rated at a far more mundane DDR4-4800 C40. Those who think that even the better-rated modules have far too much latency should remember that cycle time decreases proportionally to increased frequency, so that DDR5-7200 CAS 36 is still as quick as DDR4-3600 CAS 18. Other models currently in development include DDR4-6000 and DDR4-6400 CAS 32, and DDR4-6800 CAS 36.

A pile of GeIL DDR5 being validated (photo courtesy GeIL)

The introductory capacities of 16GB per single-rank DIMM and 32GB per dual-rank DIMM don’t sound all that advanced, but from a development aspect, getting this capacity today would be like picking up 4/8GB DIMMs when DDR4 launched: Many of early DDR4 modules were only 1/2GB. We look forward to capacities up to 128GB per DIMM, but that could take a few years if history is any indicator.

Dyna5 RGB covers will be available for the firm’s Polaris performance modules (photo courtesy GeIL)

GeIL has not yet announced a launch date, but expect it around mid-August in preparation for Intel’s Alder-Lake (LGA 1700/Z690) platform launch.

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