Newegg Caught Ripping Off Wrong Client

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Never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel – multiple attributions

Newegg’s RMA process has come under increased scrutiny when it finally came into conflict with an actual reviewer at Gamer’s Nexus. The summation of his problem was that he bought an “open box” motherboard and returned it without inspecting it. Newegg denied the return as damaged, but since the reviewer had filed his return as “no longer needed” rather than damaged, he had little recourse.

That did not stop Gamer’s Nexus from pursuing the instance. It’s unknown whether the product was actually damaged, but if it had been, it would have been damaged by prior hands (remember this was an “open box” listing). And if it had been damaged by a previous buyer, the fault lies with whomever at Newegg had inspected the product before relisting it.

The short story is that Newegg continued denying his claim until he took it to social media, where his hundreds of thousands of followers took interest. The full video describes posts by other former customers with similar experience. When it comes to open box items at Newegg, we’re guessing that those are best left to people who haven’t read this or watched his video.

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