TeamGroup Announces T-Create DDR5 For February, Sabrent Slash Prices Today

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In one of the most amazing coincidences of 2022, Teamgroup announced memory that looks a bit like a competitor’s product mere hours before that competitor announced its latest holiday pricing special. To be fair, the two products appear similar only from one angle as Teamgroup uses porous material and pierced edges to increase surface area and direct airflow, whereas its competitor uses nothing but screen-printed foil.

Specifications are not at all comparable between brands, as T-Create DDR5 ranges from “Classic” desktop DDR5-5600 to “Expert” DDR5-6400.

PRODUCT Specifications Part Number MSRP (USD) Expected Release

DDR5 Desktop Memory

6,400MHz 2x32GB CTCED564G6400HC34BDC01 499.99 Early February,
2x16GB CTCED532G6400HC40BDC01 249.99
6,000MHz 2x32GB CTCED564G6000HC34BDC01 399.99
2x16GB CTCED532G6000HC38ADC01 199.99

DDR5 Desktop Memory

6,000MHz 2x32GB CTCCD564G6000HC48DC01 399.99
2x16GB CTCCD532G6000HC48DC01 199.99
5,600MHz 2x32GB CTCCD564G5600HC46DC01 359.99
2x16GB CTCCD532G5600HC46DC01 179.99
DDR5 Laptop Memory
5,600MHz 2x32GB TBD 359.99
2x16GB TBD 179.99
5,200MHz 2x32GB TBD 319.99
2x16GB TBD 159.99

In fact, the closest match between brands are the fake heat spreaders on the T-Create SODIMMs.

While TeamGroup’s competitor got instantly famous for overclocking, the overclocks of T-Create modules will be programmed into XMP (on-DIMM configuration setting) and guaranteed to work. Or maybe AMD EXPO. Or perhaps both. In fact, the only advantage offered by Sabrent right now is that you can actually buy its product…right now. Oh, and that $150 price for 32GB of DDR5 doesn’t hurt.

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