Zotac Introduces Solid State Active Cooling In New ZBOX PC

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We’re always a little excited and usually a little amused when new tech comes around that doesn’t appear close to production, but as Zotac proves in its new mini PC, that wasn’t the case for Frore’s “Airjet” technology: The firm claims it to be the first to market air movement device that has no moving parts, but its video shows that its movements are simply too small and hidden for the observer to notice:

That the firm was working with vibrating membranes (similar to a loudspeaker) to physically push the air along a guideway made this a near-term technology that Zotac could use today. Or that is, next week. The ZBOX PI430AJ is being shown at Computex 2023 before being released to the public.

In addition to the thin membrane pump cooler, the ZBOX PI430AJ will feature a Core i3 embedded processor with 8GB of DDR5, plus a replaceable M.2 SSD. Though the firm hasn’t actually told us how long an SSD will fit, we’ve recently had good news regarding the most-compact of these.

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