Airflow 4000D Drops To $80? Get The Ceres 300 Instead!

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Amazon dropped us a line to let us know which Cyber Monday price blowout products that it thought would interest our readers–you. One of those products is an extremely nice Corsair case, the Airflow 4000D (affiliate link). There’s a lot to be said about buying a $100 case that’s been discounted to $80, rather than an $80 case at full price. Then again…

…we can’t imagine why a designer or manufacturer would waste an entire 19-pin first-generation USB 3.x connector on a single port. Those 19 pins are meant to address two ports. And regardless of consideration for our USB Type-C devices, we always want at least the two ports taken up by the cable to terminate in…two ports! Something like this:

…which comes from the competing model we reviewed here. The funny thing is, the black version of that case has already been on sale for a week for the same $80, and it took a competitor’s missing feature to force this comparison.

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