Get This Logitech Wireless Combo This Weekend For $20

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Everyone loves wireless…at least until their batteries run out, and everyone loves building a gaming PC…at least until their money runs out. Why not give the gift of both this holiday season by adding a wireless keyboard and mouse combo that lives off three AA batteries to a gaming build that got so expensive that you probably had to skimp on the graphics card?

On the one hand it’s made to such low specs that Logitech won’t even give them (there’s no DPI or anything like that on the product’s web page), but on the other hand it’s designed to extend battery life somewhat, assuming the receiver remembers what the power buttons are for, and it’s designed to hold up to Logitech’s 3-year warranty. So, it’s going to make someone on your shopping list a useful set of peripherals while saving you a bunch of money. You can buy it here and make us a little money, via affiliate commission.

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