Hot Buy? Amazon’s $17 1TB Thumb Drive!

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Like many of you, we have a great deal of experience in the process of backing up our files to portable drives, and we don’t like to toss anything unless it’s broken. The result is that we have terabytes of files spread across dozens of drives that we just can’t bring ourselves to toss…even when they’re old and slow…and filled with junk such as 15-year-old press releases and drivers. Taking the time to sort through the trash just never crossed our minds, but what if we could just put all that data on a couple cheap thumb drives?

Scorders 1TB Flash Drive, via Amazon

With a $16.99 temporary price representing a 62% discount off of its $45 list, this Scorders 1TB unit has all the user reviews you’d expect from such a high capacity at such a low price. Perhaps the name should have been “Horders”, but we think “Scorchers” is adequate as well: The most frequent complaint from buyers is that it slows down and stops when transferring large files, and our experience with early high-speed drives indicates that overheating is the most likely issue.

Though it won’t arrive in time for Christmas, this could be an excellent gift for the geek in your life that you really don’t like. In-laws, outlaws, and exes can spend hours trying to overcome the issues that so many reviewers have experienced, and all for a price that most of us can afford to waste. And if you really dislike a person this much, a late gift arrival can just make this an even better insult. Imagine the conversation “Why didn’t you get your gift yet when everyone else did? I don’t know…I’ve already ordered it…keep an eye out!”.

Merry Pranking!

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