MSI Shows Passively-Cooled NVMe 5.0 SSDs at CES

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The folks at TechPowerUp spotted two new NVMe 5.0 (that is, PCIe 5.0 x4) drives at CES that, unlike other preproduction samples, require no fans to cool. MSI’s new M570 Pro uses an integrated heat pipe solution with integrated fin stack and decorative cover to optimize convective cooling at transfer rates up to 12GB/s read, 10GB/s write, while the previously announced M570 non-pro is shown using nothing more than an extruded aluminum sink to dissipate the heat of its 10GB/s peak reads and 10GB/s peak writes.

MSI’s M570 Pro (left) and non-pro (right), via TechPowerUp

Higher resolution photos and additional information are available at TechPowerUp.

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