Sabrent Drops $50 Off Rocket 2230 NVMe 4.0 1TB SSD

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Make no mistake, the Rocket 2230 NVMe 4.0 1TB is one of the fastest drives in its class, according to multiple review sites that tend to limit those kinds of comments to a specific class. You see, the Rocket 2230 is… a 2230 format drive. And many of you need one:

Sabrent likes to talk about how this is one of the best upgrades for the Steam Deck handheld console, but Asus just lobbed a missile that just went straight through Steam’s…deck. Not a problem you say. You don’t have $700 to replace your Steam Deck even if its replacement has five times the rendering power. Well, you can still use the Rocket 2230 NVMe 4.0 1TB there. Or you can put it in your little notebook. Or…if 512GB isn’t enough for you…you could even put it in your brand new Steam-deck smashing Asus Ally.

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It’s just a suggestion. We’d go for the second option, but that’s just an opinion. Either way $110 for a top-performing 1TB drive in this special compact form factor should be hard to pass up!

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